I'm a fixer by heart and love to go through broken things and figure out what went wrong, how it can be fixed, and how to prevent the issue from occurring again. To me, finding a bug is like winning a scratcher and being able to patch it up is like getting jackpot in the Powerball. This extends past my code life as well and reaches out into working on mechanical pieces (think cars, motorcycles, gears and cogs), troubleshooting computers and hardware, and even furniture or home improvement.

I began programming around the age of seven (yes, this was extremely young, and no, I didn't take complete advantage of it) as an exposure to my uncle who worked at Washington Mutual at the time. From time to time he would come home with his IBM Thinkpad laptop and fire up a key-activated hard drive and program in the C language. This piqued my interest greatly and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. My uncle mentored me in his free time; it was life changing and plays a big role in where I am today.

Other than coding, I have a crazy amount of hobbies that I cycle through and they range from overlanding/offroading my Toyota Tacoma 4x4, motorcycle racing and coaching at the track (Buttonwillow in Bakersfield, CA is my favorite). Talk to me about one of your hobbies and more than likely I'd have skimmed through it or considered picking it up at some point in my life - I love escaping into a completely different world from my professional line.

At the moment, I'm currently active in the following hobbies:

  • Backpacking on shorter trips (2-5 days)
  • Custom keyboard builds (currently use Konpeitou linear switches on an Alice-style Sneakbox case and Infinikey Musubi keycaps)
  • Waiting for Elder Scrolls 6
Last Updated: 5/15/2021, 3:36:18 PM